Friday, September 30, 2011

Judge Catterton acted with malice.

If Judge Catterton  and Associate Judge Beebe had read only one entry in the PHD’s notes, for example the following:
PHD --- Did you know your mother was married and that you have a brother?
11-year-old Child ---
·         If it was true, my dad would have told me she was married and had a child.  He tells me everything.  He doesn’t lie to me. 
·         People don’t change. She is the same.  I don’t want to live with her.  No one can make me.
·         My dad has told me stuff about her.  He has told me bad stuff, bad stuff and I trust him.  He would never lie to me.  She takes drugs all the time and is messed up…
There is much, much more that Judge Catterton and Judge Beebe could have read.  The facts would have shown the horror that the child has gone through and is still going through.   If they had just read the clinical notes or really considered the letter from Dr. Otero to the judges, this child would have two parents.  This was malice on the part of the judges.  Obviously, if the truth had been considered a different solution would have been made.   Catterton wanted it all to go away.  He has erred and put the well being of the child in extreme jeopardy.  These judges should not ever be re-elected.  All judges must see parental alienation as abuse.  One day the actions of parental alienation will be a crime and this child’s mother and relatives will take action against the father and the judges.  It will happen.

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  1. Texas Supreme Court Justice Debra Lerhmann, chair of the American Bar Association’s family law section, said the issue of possible alienation can be raised in child custody proceedings whether or not any such phenomenon is classified as a disorder by health professionals.

    “Anyone who’s in this business knows there are situations where that in fact is happening _ and sometimes it’s alleged but is not happening,” she said. “Even if it’s not in the manual, relevant evidence can still be brought in.”